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Tricot et crochet fait main

Knitted clothes Made in Brittany

Knitted clothes : sustainable clothes

I favour artisanal know-how and create handmade knitted clothes in high quality yarns.The way I produce  my creations has very little impact on the environment and are long lasting. I use no other technology than my knitting needles and hooks.

We live in a mass consumption world. Therefore we are incited to buy items with no soul, produced in vast numbers, of which the quality is so poor that they become rapidly obsolete.

Knitted clothes made in Brittany
knitted clothes green shawl

Made in France

I live in Plourac’h, a small village nested in the beautiful countryside in the center of Brittany. From there, I fabricate knitted and crochet shawls, women an men  fingerless gloves, scarves, snoods, wool hats , all kind of clothes with love and passion.

I delight in working with different colours and textures. Then it all becomes an adventure, dotted at times with obstacles. But then I feel tremendous satisfaction in overcoming them and by doing so, perfectionning myself. As for the end of the journey, it is always a joy.

There are myriads of marvellous creators that inspire me and have given me the honor and permission of using their patterns. You will find on lalainedegaleine.com their creations, as well as mine.

Entirely passionate about my work, if you ever come to the gorgeous Brittany Peninsula, it is with pleasure that I will meet you on the  artisanal markets of the Finistère and Côtes d’Armor, Huelgoat in particular.

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Donegal twee

Knitted clothes with high quality yarns

I have lived in the UK for 30 years. For hundred of years, Great Britain  has traded and produced wool. The tradition is still well anchored, knitting and crocheting  is more than even on the forefront.

I also have a predilection for irish wool, particularly tweed yarn from Donegal.

As I now live in the Côtes d’Armor, just on the border of Finistère. Many people here own muttons and alpacas from which they collect, card and spin their own yarn. I am slowly turning my attention to local producers. Whenever possible, I buy naturel organic wool. But I am still in possession of a huge stock of  high quality yarns that I brought back with me when I moved back to Brittany 3 years ago.  I use yarns such as alpaga, muttton et lamb (merino, shetland), goat (cachemire, mohair) … I also utilise cotton and silk, in a large array of colours ans styles.

There is something for everyone and for those among you who are allergic to any king of wool, I occasionally use artificiel or semi-artificiel yarns.

My latest creations

Uprising bonnet sur Léna
Uprising modelé par Léna


Camisole/débardeur Terra Sienna
Camisole/débardeur Terra Sienna
Camisole/Débardeur Terra Sienna


Camisole Wild Mint sur mannequin
Camisole Wild mint sur mannequin
Camisole Wild Mint


Camisole Perle sur mannequin
Camisole Perle sur mannequin
Camisole Perle


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